The stable has been built into a 1958 TTS model cowshed, which was rebuilt into a stable in 1975.

When the stable was renovated in 2019-2020, the stalls were renewed and enlarged according to EU standards and all surfaces were renewed.

Indoor Arena

The indoor arena (21m x 42m) was built as early as in 1988 alongside the farm´s threshing house. Nowadays the threshing house acts as grandstand for the arena.

In the 1990s, riding club horse shows were organized in the arena. The arena footing was renewed in 2019 and the ceiling was renovated in summer 2020.

Outdoor Arena

The outdoor arena is awesome 35m x 75m by size. It was smoothed out, drained, fenced and the footing was entirely renewed in 2019.

Pastures and Paddocks

Renovated sand-based paddocks are now available for all the horses. In the summer 2020 we had three sections of pasture in use, but for next summer we have sowed new pastures for the horses of the stable.